Vigil Drone

Why Vigil Drone?

The Vigil Drone acts as a deterrent for crime in India. India, although a warm and colourful country has its fair share of problems. Under the veneer of peace and lassitude lies a disparity between genders - a chasm that makes it dangerous for women to walk out in the streets at night. The women are afflicted with the ‘dirt’ that their gender has presumably given to them. In the progressive world today this treatment is almost unthinkable. People in the Western countries take the equality and safety that they are presented with for granted; however in India, women are harassed and abused frequently, and the perpetrators go largely unpunished. May it be the lack of legal infrastructure or negligence from certain aspects of society, the problem is still prevalent today and continues to terrorise cities. Cases of abuse and assault spring up in numerous cities across the lively Asian nation - ranging from the snow capped Himalayas in the north to the glittering seas in the south. Therefore women’s safety is a paramount issue in India. 

The drone works off of a cloud network and is connected to an app on the mobile phone. Nowadays, mobile phones are ubiquitous and are used by everyone ; by making the drone connected to an app, it is made accessible to the general public and is not esoteric. Apart from being easy to use the drone also encapsulates CCTV cameras on its four corners. These serve to be a deterrent for crime as the attackers know that they will be caught. 

Moreover, the cost of operating a drone itself has come down to less than a dollar a day, which makes the software/design highly affordable and economical. 

In the end, the aim is to create a personal body guard, or rather, a personal shield. This is an endeavour that will soon become a reality and that will provide safety to women not just in India. Imagine what it must feel like to go out into your city’s streets without worry, without fear. That is the dream, the reality that I wish to create. 

Roshan Babu

Also running a campaign Sketchpaint to bring awareness to the issue